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Welcome to Hearing Support Service, Cumbria

We covering all areas from Carlisle to West Cumbria as well as the Lake District.

Life can be quiet and lonely without your hearing. Hearing Support Service is all about helping you live life to the full. Audiology recommend that hearing aids are checked at least every 6 months. Hearing aids are a very sensitive and technical piece of equipment that require regular maintenance and new tubes fitted approximately every 6 months in order for them to operate at their best.

We are aware that without support and guidance about using hearing aids and adaptions, people with acquired hearing loss will suffer higher levels of social isolation and loneliness. Our purpose is to make life easier for those with acquired hearing loss by providing a local outreach service to help you manage your NHS hearing aid and maintain good hearing.

Our aim is to protect the social wellbeing of older people with hearing loss by improving the ability to communicate and raise confidence and self esteem.

What We do ...

  • Monthly drop-in clinics in community venues across West Cumbria
  • Hearing aids checked and cleaned at every visit
  • Hearing aids may be re-tubed and simple repairs carried out
  • Batteries provided
  • Advice and support available for new and existing hearing aid users, e.g. correct fitting, use and cleaning of hearing aids
  • Advice and demonstration of specialist equipment to help improve life with hearing loss, e.g. amplified telephones, TV listeners etc
  • Home visits available for those who can’t get to a drop-in or would like a demonstration of equipment in their own home (including care/nursing homes)
  • Training for carers on hearing aid use and maintenance

This service is available to people with NHS hearing aids and subject to availability of equipment.
Please note there is a nominal charge for this service to help cover running costs.

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