JEEPERS CREEPERS! There's an ant in my...?

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Monday, 12th November 2018

We can see all sorts of things at our drop-in clinics, one of which I thought I would share with you as it was very amusing and is something that I will probably never see again.

A gentleman and regular client presented his hearing aids for checking saying that they are not working as well as they used to. After fitting new tubes I noticed that there was a grey piece of fluff in one of the hooks, also called elbow, which is the clear rigid curved piece of plastic attaching the tubing to the hearing aid and sits over the top of the ear.

So I removed the said intrusion to find that it wasn't fluff at all but an ant!. The only way that ant could have got there was to climb in from inside the ear canal into the tube and climb up the tube in to the hook/elbow. The only way out was for the ant to return back the way it had traveled but it was too big to turn round and so there it stayed and died.

The gentleman has a great sense of humour and we both had a good laugh about it. He could only think that an ant had got in to his ear when gardening, which he does without wearing his hearing aids.

Maybe the moral of the story is to always wear your hearing aids they prevent you from getting ants in your ears!