About Jean

Hello...I am Jean, the owner and manager of Hearing Support Service

This service was previously provided by Caritas Care where I worked for almost five years as a Project Worker on the ‘Bridging the Gap’ project, which covered the whole of Cumbria and North Lancashire. It was whilst working in this role that I learnt how valuable this local service provision was. With the encouragement from our old clients and the support from the volunteers, I set up The Hearing Support Service as I was determined to try and keep the service running where it was in great demand and much needed across West Cumbria and Carlisle.

Whilst I personally don’t require hearing aids at the moment, I am sure the day will come, but I do have first hand experience of them in the family. My elderly father requires them and couldn’t manage without them or my input to keep them operating at their best. He certainly wouldn’t manage to get to a drop-in or audiology on a regular basis as he requires them to be cleaned out at least twice a week.

My past working life has been varied. My earlier career was as a draughtsperson, later trained as a General Nurse and went on to complete a degree in School Nursing and eventually specialised in working with 'Looked After Children'. After which I took a slight diversion and left the NHS and entered in to the private elderly care sector.

I have also undergone training in Complementary Therapies including Reiki and Bioenergy amongst other therapeutic approaches to health and wellbeing.